I am Jan Lesley O’Neil and here is a little bit about me and why I chose to provide this service, the work of a celebrant, for those we have loved…

I was born and raised in the city of Sheffield, with a family consisting of brothers and sisters. I'm also a Mother of two sons and Nana to 5 Grandchildren. My life has provided me with a lot of enrichment, being fortunate to have travelled far and wide this has taken me on many adventures, living abroad and in locations around England. 

Life can offer many opportunities and challenges, sometimes rewarding at other times extremely difficult. In reflection this has provided enrichment and growth on a personal level, which has helped me enjoy the good moments as much as any adversity that has presented itself along the way.

The biggest part of my personal life has been my family, but also in a career as an Entertainer/Singer for over 40 years, this has given me some great opportunities, including some radio and television work, which was a wonderful experience.

I’ve always enjoyed meeting people and I feel it is very much part of my makeup and nature to be relaxed and happy when in the company of others and I have a genuine interest in people and their experiences. I have the ability to communicate and attune myself with others, finding some affinity with them, most importantly by listening with genuine interest.

When our Father passed away some years ago, we realised as a family that we wanted his farewell to be special to us, to reflect the unique and loving Father he was, who loved his family and was also a friend to many people, even strangers who he came into contact with…

It turned out to be the most uplifting experience for all of us as a family and for all of those who attended. We incorporated live and recorded music, spoke words, which came from the heart, said, all carefully thought out and considered. We put together a unique and wonderful tribute to our Father, and many who attended commented on how uplifting and special the ceremony was, it was a true celebration of a life. It meant so much for us to do the same for our lovely Mother some 4 years later, again providing another very personal tribute.

This gave us a sense of closure and peace; people actually went away saying “I hope someone will do this for me?”

This is what we want for you, having learnt from our own experience, we want to share a celebration that comes from the heart and work with you to create a beautiful ceremony just for you and your loved one to always remember.